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A day out on the water!

 The day will start by meeting at the boat launch to go over some rules. We will get our life jackets on and pack up the boat. We will go over our weather conditions and decide the type of areas that we would like to fish. We will go over our maps and select our first spot. Once we arrive at our spot, we will anchor and setup our fishing poles. We will add our bobbers, weights and hooks. Then we will learn how to cast. When we get the first fish on the line, we will learn how to fight the fish using our drag while keeping our rod tip up. We will listen to some music, play some games and have a great time!


  • Life Jackets

  • Handling Hooks

  • Casting

  • Boat Safety


  • How to Tie knots

  • Setup Slip Bobbers

  • Electronics

  • Casting

  • patience

  • Catch Photo and Release

  • Reading Maps

  • Checking depth

  • Invasive Species

  • Recycling

  • Keeping our lakes clean

The Guide

My name is Jim Newton. I have been involved with fishing my whole life and now I spend my days out on the water teaching kids and adults how to fish. I am the former owner of Jimmy's Bait and Tackle in Stillwater, MN and a lure maker. Please join me out on the water!

The Boat

The boat is equipped with everything needed to have a fun and safe day on the water. It is 18 Feet long with a 115 HP Yamaha 4 Stroke. It also has a 6 HP kicker motor and an electric trolling motor.  It has an overhead canopy, two live wells, a radio, fish finder and GPS.

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